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About Us

BP Laboratory is one of the most reliable and technologically advanced Biochemical, pathological and Microbiological service provider in the twin city of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. We have been serving our patients for over twelve years. We operate this unique centralized laboratory model with the focus on reliable technologies, established brands and standardized systems that enable the commitment to Quality. We maintain the daily internal Quality standards by internal QC,monthly and annual EQAS from RANDOX,UK. We follow the CLSI Guidelines and WHO optimum cutoff labels while reporting. The central Laboratory analytic unit in Cuttack is just a stone throw away from SCB Medical College and Hospital, the premiere referral hospital in the state of Odisha. The reliability and accuracy of the laboratory makes it one of the leading referral diagnostic center and is well known medical practitioners in the twin city.

Quality Policy: We respect the privacy and right to confidentiality of our Patients.


(These Biochemistry Analyzer are appreciated)

Agappe Bc-3000 plus
(Auto hematology analyzer)

Agappe Misapa i2
(MISPA-i2 uses the Nephelometric technology)

Fuji-prima x-ray
(compact table-top reader unit has high-speed processing)

Hitachi-cobas e411
(Automated immunoassay analyzers)

Hitachi-cobas integra 400 plus
(Faster turn around of all tests)

Microscope ch20i
(Technology From Japan)

Microscope cx21i
(The CX21i sets new standards for laboratory applications)

Pentra-ES60 horiba
(Data management on stand-alone PC )

Photometer 5010 v5+
(Semi-automated single- beam filter photometer with flow-through cell)

Roche 9180
(electrolyte analyzer)

St 200pro reagent pack
(Completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte system)

Swelab alfa cbc analyzer
(Walk-away system for labs & Hospitals with high workload)

Tosbh hlc 723gx
(Tosbh diagnostic equipment offer automation and accuracy)

Transasia lisa scan em
(Automated Microplate ELISA Reader)

Vidas machine
(Automated Immunoanalyser for veterinary diagnostics)

X-Ray epsilon500
(Diagnosic medical xray system)

Roller 20 lc alifax spa
(Results expressed in mm/h).