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Health Checkup Packages

1. Health Champion Package: (Rs.3,050)
CBC,ESR,Blood grouping,FBS,Urea,creatinine,Lipid Profile, Uric Acid,calcium,LFT,T3T4 TSH, Vit D,Hb A1C,Urine R/M, Chest X-Ray PA view.

2. Executive Profile: (Rs.1,600)
CBC,ESR,2hr PPBS,FBS,Urea,creatinine,Lipid Profile, Uric Acid,TSH,Urine R/M,CRP.

3. Liver & Kidney Profile: (Rs.700)
Liver function test,GGTP,Urea Creatinine Uric acid, Urine P/M.

4. Hyper tenssion Pannel:(Rs.700)

5. Fever Pannel: (Rs.990)
CBC,ESR, ENTIROCHEK, MP(QBC),MP Slide,Urine R/M, Chest-X-Ray Pa View.

6. Diabetis Monitor Panel: (Rs.1,100)
FBS, 2hr PPBS ,Hb A1C, BUN,Creatinine, Lipid Profile,Urea micral, Urine R/M, ECG.

7. Pre-operative Panel: (Rs1,300)
CBC, Grouping ,BT,CT,FBS,HIV,HBsAg,HCV,Urea,Creatinine,Urine R/M, ECG & Cardiology checkup.

8. Arthritis Pannel: (Rs.1,650)
CBC,ESR,CRP,RA,SGOT,SGPT,ALph,Ca+,Uric Acid, Phospuors,ANA,Urine R/M.

9. Cougalation Profile: (Rs.450)

10. Anemia Profile: (Rs.1,390)
CBC,CRP(Q),Iron,Feeritin,Reticulcyte Count, Pyotein, Albumin, Globulin,AG ratio.

11. Antinental Pannel: (Rs.1,100)
CBC,GCT(2hr), Grouping,VDRL,HIV,HCV,HBsAg,TSH,Urine R/M.

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